About - Maestro Art | Giclee Paintings by Bekir Salim

Art has positive effects on our life. It improves our sense of aesthetics and makes us look at every object with a different perspective. Large surface works on interior or exterior particularly gives an additional dimension to its atmosphere, which is what MAESTRO ART specializes in led by Artist Bekir Salim.


MAESTRO ART is a professional service in the field of art and decoration. The company has several talented artists on staff to meet your needs, including an expert artist, Bekir Salim, with a specialization in 3-D wall murals.

We provide our service for a variety of venues including hotels, restaurants, schools, business centers, mansions, villas and more. We fulfill your requests within a wide range of art forms, from decorative pictures to custom orders and are open to further possible options.


The works are prepared digitally and presented to the customers before the application, leaving no room for surprises.

Give us a call +1 (847) 258-4152 or send us an email to info@themaestroart.com and we can make turn your art into a work of magic.


Bekir Salim is a renowned world artist and musician. He has been in the art world since he was just 6 years old, and he began participating in TRT children's choir when he was just 7 years old.

He has worked with significant artists such as Elif Naci, Rahmi Pehlivanlı, Yasar Çallı and Nuzhet Islimiyeli. He was selected as a jury member and president in a variety of poetry and art competitions. He founded an organization called “Safi Gönüller” in which many popular poets, dancers, musicians were involved in. Within the organization, 47 artists were led by Bekir Salim and Cemal Safi. He and his artists painted one hundred fifty-eight 3D murals in Turkey, seventeen 3D murals in the United States and four 3D murals in Dubai.

Salim was born in 1964 in Erzurum, Turkey. He finished his early education in Erzurum and then moved to Bursa and joined Military school. In his military career, he was appointed as Infantry Lieutenant in 1986. He served as an Intelligence Officer, Educational Officer and also as Troop Commander at various ranks in the Turkish Armed Forces between 1988 and 1997.

He earned more than 40 achievement and admiration awards throughout his service and he retired on his own demand in 1997. After establishing his own company, he worked as a building contractor between 1997 and 1999.

He left this job after finishing off his duties, realizing that he wasn’t passionate about the job. He served as a Vice President for the Erzurumlu’s Foundation of Economic Social Research and Helping Each Other that has 12 main buildings and 54 district branch offices.He then worked as a consultant, Vice CEO, and Vice President of a big project-construction corporation between 1999-2001, and during the same time he was a member of Russian Federation Friendship Foundation’s board.

In 2001, he established his own art and organization company and workshop. He opened branch offices in New York and Dubai. He has done painting and murals in Texas, Chicago and Boston. Salim was selected as one of the seven artists to the Culture and Art Committee created by the Turkish Parliament where he created breathtaking murals. He has one studio in Chicago currently and he is working on his new projects in the United States. Salim has two poem books that are published, and he has four books ready for publication. He also sings and plays the Saz, a popular Turkish musical instrument.