Bridge from Houston to Bosnia - Maestro Art
Wall Mural


Harmony School of Discovery

In Houston, Texas, one of school network directors who happened to feel affectionately about art offered me to use the school interior walls as murals for their students and parents. I liked the idea and went there to check it out. While there, I agreed to the idea and investigated what kind of murals to create. I learned that that majority of the students were from Bosnia and that students ended up in Texas after their country was turn in to war zone.

With this knowledge, I designed 12 different large wall murals with the theme of school education and their students. One of these included a view of famous signature “Mostar Bridge” from Bosnia Herzigova and I created its view like you are watching from a balcony of a palace. This was one of the most detailed works I had completed thus far and it really gave me a hard time at some points, but the result was so satisfying.

“I have heard later that some of the student parents were so happy to see it and literally cried just by looking at it.”