Power of Art to City of Istanbul - Maestro Art
Wall Mural

Power Distribution

The magnificent city of Istanbul, one of the most important metropolitans of the world, is also the city where I lived most of my life. But with magnificent beauty, also comes problems. Istanbul is a crowded infrastructure, and urbanization is not at its best. There are power distribution units (and) small buildings in critical locations throughout the city, surrounded by bushes, trash and graffiti. I couldn't stand to let this problem alone and knew I had to change it.

I decided to use art to reinstate the beauty of the city by using the buildings as a piece of art; a platform to tell history of its location by creating individual composition for the 78 major power distribution units. I used unique designs for each building and each of their locations as a cultural mosaic.

I proposed my solution to the city council and they gladly accepted. The result was astonishing, as I received countless thank you messages and it was all over the Turkish national media outlets.

“For me, making a difference in society and using my abilities to bring beauty for people that I don't even know is priceless. ”