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Alexander Fleming Portrait

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Alexander Fleming

Scientist, Biologist (1881-1955)

Alexander Fleming was a Scottish scientist, doctor, and bacteriologist who discovered the antibiotic Penicillin in 1928 and received the Nobel Prize in 1945. His research also formed major contributions in microbiology, chemotherapy, and other medical fields.

Fleming’s parents, Hugh and Grace, were farmers and Alexander was one of their four children. He also had four half-siblings who were the surviving children from his father’s first marriage. He attended the Louden Moor School, the Darvel School, and Kilmarnock Academy before moving to London in 1895, where he lived with his older brother, Thomas Fleming.

In London, Fleming finished his basic education at the Regent Street Polytechnic (now the University of Westminster). He entered the medical field in 1901, studying at St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School at the University of London. While at St. Mary’s, he won the 1908 gold medal as the top medical student. Fleming had planned to become a surgeon, but a temporary position in the Inoculation Department at St. Mary’s Hospital changed his path toward the then-new field of bacteriology.

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