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Charlie Chaplin Portrait


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The digital print portraits that we sell are part of “100 Most Influential People in the World History” project by artist Bekir Salim. All of our Original portraits are handmade oil paintings. Each portrait is electronically scanned and printed on high quality *Giclée Printing on Cotton-Based Canvas.

*Giclée prints are created by spraying millions of droplets of ink onto archival fine-art substrates. It represents the highest evolution in printmaking technology which gives the feeling of real handmade portrait. All of our portraits are printed and shipped from Chicago. Our artworks are not limited to portraits. Please contact us for your custom orders and art projects.

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Charlie Chaplin Portrait

Would you like to own portraits that can expand your horizons and your imagination every time you see? Buy comedic actor Charlie Chaplin portrait for inspiration and creativity. Check out our collection “100 Most Influential People in The World History” to explore more portraits of people like Pablo Picasso and Isaac Newton who have influenced the world in many other sciences and arts.

Charlie Chaplin

Comedian (1889–1977)

Charlie Chaplin was a comedic British actor who became one of the biggest stars of the 20th century’s silent-film era, with his career spanning over 75 years. Chaplin went on to become a director, making films such as City Lights and Modern Times, and co-founded the United Artists Corporation.

Charles Spencer Chaplin was born in London, England, on April 16, 1889, to a vocalist and actor father, and an attractive actress and singer mother, known under the stage name of Lily Harley. His father, a notorious drinker abandoned Chaplin, his mother and his older half-brother, Sydney, not long after Chaplin’s birth.

Chaplin’s mother, who would later suffer severe mental issues and have to be committed to an asylum, was able to support her family for a few years. However, in a performance that would introduce her youngest boy to the spotlight, Hannah lost her voice in the middle of a show, prompting the production manager to push the five-year-old Chaplin onto the stage to replace her.

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