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Mahatma Gandhi Portrait

Would you like to own portraits that can expand your horizons and your imagination every time you see? Buy famous anti-war activist Mahatma Gandhi portrait for inspiration and creativity. Check out our collection “100 Most Influential People in The World History” to explore more portraits of people like Mohammed Ali and Albert Einstein who have influenced the world in many other sciences and arts.

Mahatma Ghandi

Anti-War Activist (1869–1948)

Mahatma Gandhi was the leader of India’s non-violent independence movement against British rule and in South Africa that would influence the world. His principles and firm belief in nonviolence have been followed by many other important civil rights leaders including Martin Luther King, Jr. and Nelson Mandela.

Mahatma Gandhi (born Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi) was born on October 2, 1869, in Porbandar, Kathiawar, India, which was then part of the British Empire. He was the youngest child of his father’s fourth wife, Putlibabi.

Mahatma Gandhi’s father, Karamchand Gandhi, served as a chief minister in Porbandar and other states in western India. His mother was illiterate, but her common sense and religious devotion had a lasting impact on Gandhi’s character. Young Mohandas was a good student, but the shy young boy displayed no signs of leadership.

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Roll, Stretcher on bars, Stretcher on bars and framed

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